About us

The Order of the Teaspoon is a Swedish foundation engaged in an active dialogue with children and young people to promote tolerance and respect. Intolerance is a growing threat in today’s society. We aim to reach young people and get them to reflect on these important issues. Our main activities are conducted in Sweden and we also contribute with our expertise in the area on conferences and seminars abroad.

Lovisa Fhager Havdelin

Lovisa Fhager Havdelin : Secretary General and Managing Director

It is Lovisa Fhager Havdelin’s greatest desire to work in a world where everyone can be appreciated and respected as well as have an influence on their surroundings. With a background in Swedish and international organisations such as Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders), Peace Dividend Trust, Unicef and Amnesty, her work and her leisure activities have been woven together by her interest in and commitment to people. Lovisa received a Master’s Degree in Political Science at Lund University, with a focus on Human Rights. Today she is also chairman of the board of the organisation WONSA (World Of No Sexual Abuse). She serves on the National Committee for the Raoul Wallenberg Day and is a United Nations Foundation +Social Good connector.

In 2015, Lovisa was awarded the UN-supporter of the year and has been selected to participate in the 2016 Anna Lindh Academy’s leadership program.

What is The Order of the Teaspoon to me? An inspirational voice in a society that has become much too silent on the question of our views about our neighbours.

Email: lovisa.fhagerhavdelin@teskedsorden.se

Telephone:  +46 70 944 89 38

Lova Wallerö Frostenson

Lova Wallerö Frostenson:
Office Manager

In her work, Lova Wallerö Frostenson wishes to emphasize the importance of art, fantasy and narrative accounts in creating insight into the living conditions of other people and, in this way, increasing our understanding for our fellow-beings.  Lova’s background is in the world of culture where she has, for many years, at Forum Stockholm, worked with the meeting place for literature, music, dance, philosophical reflection and art. This interest has also led her to studies in Social Anthropology and the History of Literature.

What is The Order of the Teaspoon to me? I see the Order of the Teaspoon as a positive and inspirational force which takes the role of culture seriously, as well the strength of individual action, in working for increased tolerance and respect for other human beings.


Telephone: +46 70 763 05 65

Bild på Teskedsordens utbildningsansvarig Camilla Rehn

CamiLla Rehn: Head of education

Camilla Rehn has always strived to be a positive force in our democracy. From the beginning, she was a licensed teacher and for the past 14 years she has been working in the national parliament, the heart of our democracy, as a parliamentary school communicator. A main thread in her commitment is to find worthwhile ways of discussing complicated questions. She is keen on making her starting point in real events, teaching from experience or cultural expressions.

What is The Order of the Teaspoon to me? Human rights should be self-evident in a modern society but unfortunately things aren’t always that way. For me, the Order of the Teaspoon is both a voice in the public debate and a tireless source in the struggle for basic democratic values.

Email: camilla.rehn@teskedsorden.se

Telephone: +46 72 226 49 42

Irupé Pozo Graviz

Irupé Pozo Graviz:
Project manager

Irupé Pozo Graviz believes in literature, art, music and that creativity builds bridges between people and increases understanding. She has a background in Education and Media and Communications with focus on peace education. Over the past three years Irupé worked as an administrator for the Swedish Red Cross. She has also worked with refugees, as a teacher and in various democracy projects.

What is The Order of the Teaspoon to me? Working with education and culture are among the most important aspects in order to promote understanding and tolerance, and this is something that makes the Order of the Teaspoon’s project so important.

Email: Irupe.Pozo-Graviz@teskedsorden.se

Telephone: +46 70 360 04 79

Athanassia Fourla Gambäck


Athanassia Fourla Gambäck has a long experience from research institutes and NGOs working with Human Rights. Her background is in languages, translation and development cooperation. Athanassia has worked as a computational linguist, translation teacher, project manager and fundraiser in different countries and as a volunteer in many organisations. She likes working in multicultural environments with focus on helping people in need.

What is The Order of the Teaspoon to me? I am a strong supporter of that NGOs should be the natural partners of national authorities in education and that they should support the young generation in building a modern society characterised by a spirit of tolerance and dialogue.

Email: athanassia.fourla-gamback@teskedsorden.se

Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman: Project assistant

Naomi Grossman believes that education and meetings are important in promoting tolerance. Naomi have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Stockholm University, and also gender studies at Södertörn University. She has previously worked with recruitments but now wants to broaden her views, and look forward to the opportunity to work closer to issues of tolerance, diversity and equality.

What is The Order of the Teaspoon to me? I think the task of The Order of the Teaspoon is even more important today than 10 years ago when the foundation started. I think that through education and culture we can make a difference, at both a individual and a social level.

Email: naomi.grossman@teskedsorden.se

Telephone: +46 70 750 79 02

Johanna jaring: Intern

Johanna Jaring sees the importance of changing societal norms for a society based on diversity and tolerance to be possible. This would be a society that enables differences, where non-normative bodies and identities feel included and don’t have to change or adjust. Johanna has a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and are currently enrolled in the Master’s Programme in Gendering Practices at the University of Gothenburg. In her spear time she is involved in the network No One is Illegal.   

What is the Order of the Teaspoon for me? I believe that civil society organisations have an important role to play when working for a more inclusive society, this since they have the possibility to work as platforms for different voices that can raise awareness about different forms of oppression and for developing strategies for change.


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